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IT Enterprise Solutions

The Office of Enterprise Project Management (OEPM) provides IT management and oversight for the following enterprise solution initiatives within the Department:

  • HHSMail  the Department-wide consolidation of electronic mail.
  • HHSNet  the Department-wide high speed communication backbone to include IPv6 implementation.
  • HHSIdentity  the Department-wide project supporting the Enterprise Directory and Repository, Identity and Access Management, HSPD-12, and M-04-04 (E-Authentication.)
  • The Department’s telecommunications program including voice and data services, wireless, FTS/NETWORX, and National Communications System and Disaster Preparedness.

The OEPM)supports the design, development, configuration, integration and implementation of all Department-wide and high risk information technology (IT) projects that fall within the scope of the HHS Chief Information Officer. This includes providing IT project management and oversight for major IT projects that have enterprise importance. The Office coordinates several projects supporting the implementation of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) E-Gov initiatives .

OEPM staff collaborate with the HHS Chief Enterprise Architect to develop the IT infrastructure and services components of the Enterprise Architecture.  HHS is committed to utilizing the Enterprise Architecture as the blueprint for implementing IT initiatives which are business drive.