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HHS Office of Enterprise Architecture

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Enterprise Architecture (OEA) is responsible for managing the HHS Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) programs and related efforts to document and administer the information assets that support fulfillment of the Department's mission and goals.

The diagram below illustrates the integrated nature of the HHS OEA activities and programs that are used to coordinate some of the significant activities among HHS agencies. The information from these programs is used to improve the effectiveness of the business processes and the data, resources, information services and systems that support these business functions. The HHS OEA aligns with the Federal Enterprise Architecture and supports e-Gov and other cross-federal initiatives.

This diagram shows how the Architect Invest Implement concept has been adopted by HHS to create a workflow in the Strategic Planning, Enterprise Architecture, CPIC, and Security operations.

The HHS OEA operates as a Federation with each HHS Operating Division (OPDIV) and Staff Division (STAFFDIV).  The diagram below depicts the nature of Enterprise Programs in the HHS OEA Federated Agency. 

 Enterprise Programs in a Federated Agency

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