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Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications (LHNCBC)
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RxTerms: a New Interface Terminology to RxNorm
Lister Hill Center Wins AMIA Distinguished Paper Award
Lister Hill Center Paper Featured in the British Medical Journal
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One-stop search method to help individuals find information at the NLM.
Digitally photographed cross sections of the human body enabling a virtual body tour.
Single DVD disc navigation of digital video, audio, 2D graphics and advanced, three-dimensional animations.
Software serving a set of Knowledge Sources that can be used to compensate for differences in computerized biomedical sources.
Optical scanning of journal article abstracts for production of bibliographic records.

Featured Sites

Up-to-date information on federally and privately funded patient-oriented studies.
Profiles in Science

Access to the research collections of 20th century biomedical scientists.
Genetics Home Reference

Brief summaries of genetic conditions and related gene and chromosome information.
Turning the Pages

The digitized images of rare and beautiful historical books in the biomedical sciences.