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May 11, 2009   
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Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2006 – 2011

U.S. Department of Labor
FY 2006-2011
September 2006


Table of Contents

Entire Document (PDF — 3,284 K)

Secretary's Message

About DOL


Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

DOL Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1 — A Prepared Workforce

Strategic Goal 2 — A Competitive Workforce

Strategic Goal 3 — Safe and Secure Workplaces

Strategic Goal 4 — Strengthened Economic Protections

Compliance Assistance

Management Initiatives

Program Evaluations



Appendix A — Stakeholder Consultation

Appendix B — Strategic Goal Cross Reference

Appendix C — Organizational Chart

Appendix D — List of Organizations and Missions

Appendix E — List of Acronyms



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