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  Government Performance and Results Act Goals  
  Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993  
   DOL GPRA Performance Plans  
Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993. The purposes of this Act are to- (1) improve the confidence of the American people in the capability of the Federal Government, by systematically holding Federal agencies accountable for achieving program results; (2) initiate program performance reform with a series of pilot projects in setting program goals, measuring program performance against those goals, and reporting publicly on their progress; (3) improve Federal program effectiveness and public accountability by promoting a new focus on results, service quality, and customer satisfaction; (4) help Federal managers improve service delivery, by requiring that they plan for meeting program objectives and by providing them with information about program results and service quality; (5) improve congressional decisionmaking by providing more objective information on achieving statutory objectives, and on the relative effectiveness and efficiency of Federal programs and spending; and (6) improve internal management of the Federal Government.
  Five Year Summary (2004 – 2009) of ETA GPRA Performance Targets and Results  
  National GPRA WIA/Wagner-Peyser Goals PY 2002-2006  

More DOL Goals/Performance Information

   OMB Guidance  

GPRA Performance Plans – Beginning February 2, 2005, DOL will be adding a performance overview which display ETA's final GPRA performance goals and targets for this year (PY 2004) as well as proposed goals and targets over the next two years (PY 2005 and PY 2006). These performance overviews will serve as the source documents for the national GPRA goals and targets.

In the past, two planning documents were used to capture ETA's GPRA information, the ETA GPRA Performance Plan and the DOL GPRA Performance Plan . The DOL performance plans covered ETA's major programs. However, for some of ETA's smaller programs, it was necessary to refer to ETA's GPRA Performance Plans to find information on goals. Below, these past planning documents are broken into two heading for your review.

   ETA GPRA Performance Plans  
   GPRA Reports  

Senate Committee on Government Affairs GPRA Report

GAO Issues Report on Results Oriented Government :
"Performance planning and measurement have slowly yet increasingly become a part of agencies' cultures."

The GAO has issued a report reviewing the ten years since the introduction of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and has pronounced it alive and well. Read the highlights and access the report through these links.

   Related Materials  
TEGL 22-02 To inform states of the guidelines for negotiating performance goals for the performance and customer satisfaction indicators for the fourth and fifth program years (PY2003 and PY2004) of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Issued March 23, 2003
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Created: March 27, 2004
Updated: January 13, 2009