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HHS Section 508 Evaluation Template Product Accessibility Template (PAT)

Must be filled out by someone technical or the product cannot be properly evaluated. The section 508 standards are technical requirements.

Vendors may download the file below and use it to fill out the PAT. Please read and follow the instructions that precede the form. If you have questions about the PAT that you are preparing, contact the OPDIV Section 508 Coordinator for assistance.

In order to evaluate EIT products and services considered for purchase an informative PAT is needed.  This document properly explains the way the templates are to be filled out. The object of the PAT is to find out how the vendor conforms to the section 508 standards that apply to a product or service considered for purchasing. HHS must purchase EIT that meets the applicable Section 508 standards and how you fill out the form is important to us. The more information you provide about how you meet or do not meet the standard, the easier it will be to evaluate the product for Section 508.


  • Read the standard and if you need more information on what it means visit the Access Board Guide to the Standards to get a better idea. Address the standard and how your company will support it in column three.
  • If a section does not apply to your product, do not fill it in. Leave it blank or delete it from the form before sending it to the Requesting Official for review. However, do not delete or leave blank §1194.31 and §1194.41.

Please avoid the following in your PAT:

  • Blanket statements in column 3. We need specifics about how you support or do not support the standards.
  • Stating only that you support the standards without telling us how.
  • Stating that you support with exceptions and then not telling us what those exceptions are.
  • Putting comments in column two. Column 2 should only state if you support the standard or not. Comments belong in column 3.
  • Not filling out sections §1194.31 and §1194.41. Documentation, Information, and Support is required.

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