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United States Department of Health & Human Services

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Program Evaluation and Policy Division (ODMEP)

ODMEP provides leadership in developing and promoting improved analytical tools and methods for analyzing EEO and workforce development data, including strategic planning, ensuring organizational components are aligned with ASAM, HHS strategic plans, and the President's Management Agenda; manages process improvement program; training and policy development and implementation of the 462 report, and key performance indicators; compiles OPDIV DM/EEO data and completes the EEOC MD 715 report.

Policy and Procedures


  • HHS-761 Notice of Rights and Responsibilities [DOC - 50KB]
  • HHS-762 Anonymity Election — Name Authorization Form [DOC - 33KB]
  • HHS-763 Designation of Representative [DOC - 36KB]
  • HHS-764 Request for Approval to Use Official Time [DOC - 36KB]
  • HHS-765 Responsible Management Official Notification of Pre-Complaint [DOC - 52KB]
  • HHS-767 Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation) Request and Referral Form [DOC - 42KB]
  • HHS-768 Information for Management Official — Preparing to Mediate [DOC - 45KB]
  • HHS-769 Extension of EEO Counseling Agreement [DOC - 33KB]
  • HHS-770 Notice of Final Interview and Right to File Formal [DOC - 38KB]
  • HHS-771 Voluntary Withdrawal of EEO Complaint [DOC - 35KB]
  • HHS-773 Formal Individual Complaint Form for Employment Discrimination [DOC - 85KB]
  • HHS-775 Acknowledgement Letter [DOC - 54KB]
  • HHS-776 Acknowledgement of Mixed Case Complaint [DOC - 40KB]
  • HHS-777 Request for Additional Information [DOC - 51KB]
  • HHS-778 Final Agency Intake Decision — Dismissal of Complaint [DOC - 47KB]
  • HHS-779 Acceptance of EEO Complaint [DOC - 52KB]
  • HHS-780 Acceptance of Mixed Case Complaint [DOC - 48KB]
  • HHS-781 Letter of Partial Acceptance [DOC - 52KB]
  • HHS-782 Request for Investigator from PSC/Contractor [DOC - 34KB]
  • HHS-783 Transmittal Letter to Investigator [DOC - 33KB]
  • HHS-784 Notice to Complainant Regarding Discrimination Complaint Investigation [DOC - 34KB]
  • HHS-785 Witness and RMO Letter Explaining Investigation [DOC - 41KB]
  • HHS-787 EEO Complaint File Review/Analysis [DOC - 28KB]
  • HHS-789 ROI Transmittal and Election [DOC - 48KB]
  • HHS-790 Transmittal of Report of Investigation � Mixed Case Complaint [DOC - 35KB]
  • HHS-791 Acknowledgement of Hearing Request [DOC - 33KB]
  • HHS-792 Hearing Request Transmittal to EEOC [DOC - 36KB]
  • HHS-793 Request for DHHS Final Agency Decision (FAD) [DOC - 33KB]
  • HHS-794 Request for DHHS Final Action [DOC - 33KB]
  • HHS-795 Transmittal of Case File to OFO with Agency Checklist [DOC - 59KB]
  • HHS-796 Appeal Brief Cover Letter [DOC - 49KB]
  • HHS-797 Notice of EEOC Appeal Rights [DOC - 32KB]
  • HHS-798 Certificate of Service [DOC - 27KB]
  • HHS-800 Notice of Rights and Responsibilities Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 50KB]
  • HHS-801 Designation of Representative Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 37KB]
  • HHS-802 Extension of EEO Counseling Agreement Commissioned Corps Case [DOC - 32KB]
  • HHS-803 Notice of [Final Interview and] Right to File Formal Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 34KB]
  • HHS-804 Voluntary Withdrawal of Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 27KB]
  • HHS-805 Acknowledgement Letter Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 50KB]
  • HHS-806 Acceptance of Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 38KB]
  • HHS-807 Preliminary Decision to Dismiss for Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 41KB]
  • HHS-808 ROI Transmittal Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 29KB]
  • HHS-809 Extension of Investigation Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 39KB]
  • HHS-810 Recommended Decision for Commissioned Corps EEO Complaint [DOC - 36KB]
  • HHS-811 Congressional Response [DOC - 33KB]

Strategic Planning

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