Online Guide to Quitting

Staying Quit

Keep Rewarding Yourself For Not Smoking

Now that you aren't buying cigarettes, you probably have more spending money. For example, if you used to smoke one pack per day:

After You've saved
1 day $5
1 week $35
1 month $150
1 year $1,820
10 years $18,200
20 years $36,400

* Prices are based on a 2001 average of $5.00 per pack. The cost of a pack of cigarettes may differ, depending on where you buy them.

Think about starting a "money jar" if you haven't already. Put your cigarette money aside for each day you don't smoke. Soon you'll have enough money to buy a reward for yourself. National Cancer Institute Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institutes of Health Department of Health and Human Services