Online Guide to Quitting

Thinking About Quitting

Reasons for Quitting

Here are some examples of reasons to quit:

  1. I will feel healthier right away.
    • I will have more energy and better focus.
    • My senses of smell and taste will be better.
    • I will have whiter teeth and fresher breath.
    • I will cough less and breathe better.

  2. I will be healthier the rest of my life.
    • I will lower my risk for cancer, heart attacks, strokes, early death, cataracts, and skin wrinkling.

  3. I will make my partner, friends, family, kids, grandchildren, and coworkers proud of me.

  4. I will be proud of myself.
    • I will feel more in control of my life.
    • I will be a better role model for others.

  5. I will have more money to spend.

  6. I won't have to worry: "When will I get to smoke next?" or "What do I do when I'm in a smoke-free place?"

Use this online quiz to keep track of your reasons for quitting.

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