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Division of Diabetes Treatment & Prevention - Providing a wealth of information for treatment and prevention of diabetes and related conditions based on more than 30 years of experience in developing and supporting successful clinical, public health and community approaches for treatment, education and prevention. Quality of Care - The Quality of Care site provides important information to help American Indian and Alaska Native people and communities become active partners in their health care. Being an active partner is the best way to get and stay healthy. The site also includes reports on how well IHS is doing at providing care on different quality of care measures. RPMS Electronic Health Record - The RPMS Electronic Health Record is transforming health care at IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian health facilities. Visit the EHR website to learn about this important technology and see how EHR and other RPMS innovations can support high-quality health care, decision support, and performance assessment. Division of Epidemiology & Disease Prevention - The Division of Epidemiology functions as the leading office in IHS for disease epidemiology, prevention and control activities for general infectious and chronic diseases as well as the following specific health conditions: cancer, tobacco use, breast and cervical cancer, vaccine-preventable diseases, sexually-transmitted diseases, and disease outbreaks. (GET THE FLASH PLUGIN)

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