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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DMIS Tools a Web based application?

DMIS is not a browser-based application, but it does use the Internet for communications. DMIS Tools is a client-server application. If you lose Internet connectivity, you may continue to enter data in DMIS Tools locally and it will automatically update information on the DMIS Tools server when Internet connectivity is restored.

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How do I get DMIS Tools?

First, you need a user account within a Collaborative Operating Group (COG). If your organization has registered with DMIS, ask your COG Administrator for a copy of the software and an Operator ID/Password. These allow you to log into DMIS Tools.

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If my organization does not have a COG, how do I get DMIS Tools?

First, determine who in your organization would be best to administer your COG (see About COGs), and refer to Get DMIS Tools/Register.

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What can I do with DMIS Tools?

Once you have DMIS Tools installed and have created user accounts for your personnel, you can utilize the application for preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters of all types. DMIS Tools helps to convey situational awareness within an Emergency Operations Center, across a response organization, and between mutual aid partners.

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How do I set up my system for a Proxy Server?

Please refer to the Installation Guide. If you require further assistance, contact the DMIS Help Desk.

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What should I do if I have problems logging on?

The Operator ID and Password for DMIS are case sensitive and contain special characters. First, ensure that you are entering them correctly and that your Caps Lock is not on; then, contact your COG Administrator. If you continue to experience problems, contact the DMIS Help Desk.

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Are there any software conflicts I should know about?

Yes. Although it is not common, there are users who have compression software installed on their laptops.  This software may cause serious conflicts with our VPN software, SmartPass. PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL THESE TWO APPLICATIONS TOGETHER.

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Can I download DMIS Tools?

The short answer is yes. However, please remember that DMIS is a controlled access Emergency Management system. You must already have an Operator ID and Password in a registered COG in order to log into the system. Our download site is also protected by a username/password. Contact your COG Adminstrator for download and installation instructions. If your COG Administrator is no longer available, contact the email address provided for DMIS Tools Support.

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How can I update an existing version of DMIS Tools?

If you are currently running DMIS Tools Version 2.3.2 or earlier, use the PowerUpdate feature to receive the latest version:

  • Select DMIS Desktop from your Programs menu or Windows Desktop.
  • The PowerUpdate dialog box will appear. Select the Next button.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to update to the latest version of DMIS Tools.

If you are currently running DMIS Tools Version 2.3 or earlier, contact the email address provided for DMIS Tools Support.

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