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Get DMIS Tools

Step 1: Is your organization eligible?

DMIS Tools are only provided to government organizations within the United States and Canada involved with emergency management and response, or to commercial organizations such as utility companies, ambulance services, etc., with an on-going working relationship with government emergency management/response.

Commercial organizations are encouraged to become a member of an existing government Collaborative Operating Group (COG), though they may request a new COG if a government official confirms the need. If this option is used, the requesting company can save time in the vetting process by providing government official contact information in the “Remarks” field of the registration form.

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Step 2: Is there an existing COG you can join?

Contact your local city, county, or regional multi-agency coordination (MAC) emergency management organization to ask whether a DMIS COG has already been established in your area that your agency can join.  Collaboration through the DMI-Services Desktop tools is enhanced when multiple agencies participate through a single COG for their area of responsibility.

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Step 3: Does your system meet the requirements?

If you have a basic personal computer and an Internet connection, you can employ DMIS Tools. The system requirements are:

  • Pentium processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 200 MB available disk space for installation (6 MB after installation)
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows Vista is currently not supported)
  • 56K Modem (minimum required) or Broadband (recommended)
  • Port 80 open

Performance: DMIS Tools performance is directly related to the speed of your computer and the bandwidth of your computer's Internet connection at the moment it sends or receives a data transaction.

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Step 4: Register for a COG

You must first register for a DMIS COG to obtain DMIS Tools. Complete the Registration Form and submit. A vetting process will confirm that the person who registers is actually a member of a government or approved commercial organization involved with emergency management or response.

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Step 5: Download and install DMIS Tools

Within 1 to 2 weeks, your COG will be created in the DMIS Tools database and the DMIS COG Manager will send an email providing instructions on how to download the software and a user password.  If you have received the download instructions and password, you may Download DMIS Tools Software. Installation instructions are included. You will need to install on each COG member's work station.

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Step 6: Plan your COG and review available training materials

See About COGs and Training for planning and training resources. Consider joining the DMIS Special Interest Group (SIG).

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