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HazCollect Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a COG exists for my jurisdiction or my customer's jurisdiction?

If you have reason to think a COG may have been established for your jurisdiction or your customer's jurisdiction in the past, you may direct a general inquiry via email to the DMIS Tools Support address provided on the Contact Us page. Otherwise, complete the registration form found from the Get DMIS Desktop Tools page.

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Do I have to use DMIS Desktop Tools to author HazCollect messages?

The National Weather Service anticipates that in the future, there will be several third party products that will be HazCollect compliant. It is not known currently when they will become available on the commercial market.

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Does "Non-weather Emergency Messages" mean that I cannot issue warnings for weather-related events?

The National Weather Service is the sole federal authority for official weather warnings and alerts. However, certain types of messages that relate to severe weather may be appropriate, such as the existence of specific hazardous conditions resulting from the weather event. For example, a flash flood warning issued by the NWS may prompt an NWEM to notify the public to avoid specific flooded areas. When in doubt, coordinate in advance with the appropriate Weather Forecast Office Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM).

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Can HazCollect be used for Amber alerts?

Yes, HazCollect can be used to disseminate Amber alerts through the National Weather Service system. However, the organizations approved to issue Amber alerts should coincide with the authority established under a State or Regional Amber Alert Plan.

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As a software developer, how can I test my application?

The following interface to the National Weather Service (NWS) Non-Weather Emergency Message (NWEM) System is available for testing and development: 

For further information about testing in an operational environment, send an email request to the OPEN Support address provided on the Contact Us page.

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