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DM Framework and DM-OPEN Requirements Review Process


Draft requirements documents for the proposed replacement of the existing DMIS and OPEN systems have been developed. The documents were developed by analyzing historical feedback obtained from DMIS and OPEN stakeholders, existing DMIS and OPEN functionality, and requirements related to support of existing, new and emerging emergency management messaging standards. Additional comments were received in a formal process which ended in March of this year.

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DM Framework and DM-OPEN are the names that we are using to refer to our next generation systems. The DM Framework and DM-OPEN requirements review documents are available for review. The requirements review package consists of four documents:

  1. Overview (PDF, 470 KB) - Please read the Overview document first as it explains the contents of the other three documents.
  2. Concept of Operations (CONOPS) (PDF, 2.2 MB) - Provides an understanding of how these systems and your system will work together.
  3. DM Framework Full Requirements (PDF, 1 MB) - Provides an explanation of each major component followed by a table of detailed requirements for each component.
  4. DM-OPEN Full Requirements (PDF, 1.7 MB) - Provides an explanation of each major component followed by a table of detailed requirements for each component.

The requirements documents are organized by component and relate specific requirements with each identified component. Definitions for component and requirement are included below to clarify the exact meaning that we wish to convey.

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  • Component – A grouping of requirements that relate to a major system functional capability.
  • Requirement – A “shall statement” that defines an aspect of the component to be implemented.

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The feedback submitted during the comment period has been gathered in the
Comment Feedback Report (PDF, 1.4 MB)

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Next Steps

The schedule for implementing your new requirements currently provides for an initial operating capability (IOC) release in the Fall of 2009. The current objective for IOC is to implement the existing functionality in DMIS and OPEN on an enhanced platform that will provide the foundation for adding new capabilities in subsequent releases. This strategy will allow us to retire the existing DMIS and OPEN systems without any impact to existing or new users.

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