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About DM

Disaster Management or DM is a Federal Program managed by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The DM Program evolved from the Disaster Management Presidential E-Government Initiative (see History).

The DMIS & OPEN Mission is twofold:

  • Disaster Management Interoperability Services (DMIS), a component of the DM Program, is a basic "situational awareness" toolset provided by the DM Program at no software license cost to public safety organizations at local, state/province, regional, and national government levels, within the United States and Canada. The DMIS mission is to enable government organizations at all levels to collaborate and share a common operating picture in order to enhance emergency or disaster response.
  • DM-OPEN, another component of the DM Program, is an operational interoperability backbone that provides a set of non-proprietary "level playing field" web services designed to enable disparate third-party applications, systems, networks and devices to share information using open, freely available interoperability standards. The OPEN mission is to enable a national network of systems that facilitates data sharing between software products serving the responder community.


  • Disaster Management (DM) enables responders to freely choose software products that best satisfy their functional needs while knowing that their chosen systems can exchange data with different systems used by mutual aid partners and all other incident response collaborators.

In this section:

  • Contact Us - Help Desk and user support contact information.
  • History - Background information on the evolution of DMIS Tools and OPEN.
  • Terms of Use - Current policy for eligible organizations.