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Until now, when a government authority at the state, regional, or local level needed to issue a public warning through the National Weather Service (NWS) dissemination system, the message had to be faxed or telephoned to the relevant Weather Forecast Office (WFO) for manual entry. This process could result in delays or transcription errors.

As HazCollect becomes operational nationally during May and June 2009, the process will become automated, thereby reducing errors and delays. For further information on the national roll out schedule, visit the NWS HazCollect Web site.

A Non-weather Emergency Message (NWEM) is a specialized form of an OASIS Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) alert that is communicated to the HazCollect server via DM-OPEN. The DMIS Desktop Tools incorporates an NWEM authoring tool for the use of warning authorities, although the authoring tool is not available for use until the HazCollect authorization process is completed. Third party developers may also develop authoring tools utilizing DM-OPEN's NWEM Application Programming Interface (API).


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