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FAQ: Drug Screening

Question: Will a drug I am taking give a false report on a drug screening test?

Because we can only direct you to very general information, we encourage you to ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have a question about a specific medication giving a "false positive" on a drug screening test.

For more information on drug screening tests, read the MedlinePlus® Medical Encyclopedia topics on:

Search the professional medical journal literature at MEDLINE/PubMed. For example, cut and paste or type this search strategy into the query box: Substance Abuse Detection AND False Positive Reactions AND humans[mh] AND english[la]

You can also add the name of the substance that concerns you to that search strategy.

Please note: PubMed® does not have full-text articles, just citations and abstracts, and some links to full-text on publisher Web sites.

For more information on drug testing and workplace issues go to:

Drug Testing & Workplace Issues (NIDA)

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