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FAQ: Classification Number Assigned to a CIP

Question: How can I find out what classification number NLM has assigned to a book which is a CIP (Cataloging-in-Publication)?
  1. Search for the book's record in LocatorPlus at http://locatorplus.gov/

  2. Click on the MARC VIEW tab which provides the full MARC 21 record for the CIP title. (Note: The Leader byte 17 is coded "8" for Cataloging-in-Publication records.)

  3. Look at MARC 21 field 060. The NLM classification number appears in the first occurrence of the 060 field. If the title is a serial analytic, users may prefer to use the alternative subject class number provided as the second occurrence of the MARC 21 field 060. Once the book is received at NLM, an accession number is assigned to the title, and the NLM classification number moves to the second occurrence of the 060. Accession numbers are not assigned to serial analytics.

  4. It is possible for data assigned to a CIP title to change when a book is received by the library. You can determine the status of a cataloging record by looking at the MARC 21 field 999.

    • NLM identifies CIP cataloging records which it intends to acquire by the value of "CIP" in the 999 field.

    • NLM identifies bibliographic records for titles NLM does not plan to or is unable to to acquire by the value "NOC" in the 999 field.

    • MARC 21 field 999 -- NLM identifies completed cataloged records by the value "AUTH" in the 999 field.

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