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Special Collaborative Agreements

Publications in some specialized subject areas are selected by outside organizations with which NLM has special collaborative arrangements. The subject areas and organizations may change over time. In the past they have included the American Dental Association; the American Nurses' Association and the National League for Nursing; the American Hospital Association; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; and the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. At present, they include the ECRI Institute, a nonprofit independent organization committed to advancing the quality of healthcare through specialized information products and services concerning medical procedures, devices, processes, and drugs.

To identify these journals, go to the indexing information in LocatorPlus.

If the "Indexed In" section reads: "Date range of indexed citations unspecified," only selected articles from that journal are in PubMed.

To identify the collaborator partner responsible for selecting the citations, search the journal in PubMed and view the MEDLINE display. The OWN element identifies the originating organization.

Last reviewed: 22 April 2008
Last updated: 22 April 2008
First published: 01 May 2001
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