About Go Local

Go Local connects users to health services in their local communities and directs users of the Go Local sites to MedlinePlus health information.

The Go Local links on MedlinePlus health topic pages take you to information about health services in local geographic areas, including hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, support groups, health screening providers and many others. You can link directly from each MedlinePlus health topic to services related to that particular topic. For example, if you choose Go Local from the MedlinePlus Breast Cancer page, you will find links to local services such as cancer clinics, oncologists and support groups in the area you select.

The National Library of Medicine partners with libraries and library consortia to deliver this vital information. Currently there are thirty-two Go Local participants with many more to be released in the future. Learn more about this project and how you can join the Go Local effort.

General Information

National Map
List of Participants
The NLM-Hosted Go Local System: An Opportunity for Member Libraries Updated September 2008 (PDF, 1.9 MB)
MedlinePlus Goes Local: Linking Quality Health Information to Local Health Services Through Partnerships March 2008 (PPT, 4.74 MB)

Become a Go Local Site

Project Proposal Guidelines updated October 2008 (Word, 208 KB)
Example of a Go Local Proposal updated October 2008 (PDF, 67 KB)

The National Library of Medicine hosts Go Local data, but does not claim ownership or copyright of the data. NLM will not reuse this data for commercial purposes, nor will we transfer or export the data to another party for commercial purposes.

If you have questions about Go Local or becoming a Go Local participant, please contact us.