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Public Health Preparedness


What are the priorities?

  • Terrorism
  • Emerging Infections
  • Natural Disasters
  • Mental Health and Resilience

Why are these priorities?

  • Americans count on a strong public health system capable of meeting any emergency, whether it is an act of terrorism, an emerging infectious illness, or a weather disaster such as a hurricane or tornado.

How can we solve/address these priorities?

  • Invest more resources in our public health system
  • Develop partnerships between law enforcement, public health, and education agencies at all levels of government.

How is the Surgeon General's Office/HHS helping?

  • Increased funding for bio-terrorism preparedness
  • Research on biology bioterror-related agents
  • Better food safety through import inspections
  • Better public health and hospital planning and coordination
  • Increased use of volunteers through the Medical Reserve Corps


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