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April 15, 2009  

Submission Errors Due To "Filename Format" Reported – Special Characters Not Supported

File attachment names longer than approximately 50 characters can cause submission errors. Do not use any special characters (example: &,–,*,%,/,#’, - ) or spacing followed by a dash in the file name for word separation, use underscore (example: my_Attached_File.pdf) in naming the attachments. There also have been issues reported when periods were used in the file name that prevented a successful submission. Please note that if these guidelines are not followed, your application may be rejected.

S2S NOTICE: Special Characters Not Supported will only accept ASCII characters in XML, while other characters may be supported by the schema, they may cause differences in the resulting hash value generated when the application is processed by resulting in a FATAL error in the submission.

EXAMPLE 1 - Note 'D' causes an error

[2009-02-11 11:17:46,610][FATAL][GrantS2SFacade.submitApplication()1377]-Couldn't completely receive Submission due to unknown Exception. Throwing Exception to WS Implementation org.dom4j.InvalidXPathException: Invalid XPath expression: //att:FileLocation[@att:href='D'ASSORO+BCRT+2002_FTLUII5NT77KT4IQDKQGDQBAD6.pdf'] Expected: ]

java.lang.Exception: 16

EXAMPLE 2 - Note 's causes an error

March 18, 2009 Applicant Login Issue - Resolved

The CCR Extract issue has been resolved. Applicant usernames and passwords are being successfully activated due to the CCR extract that is now able to run each night.

ALERT - Applicant Login Issue

January 14, 2009

If you are an applicant who has renewed, modified or registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) after December 31, 2008 and cannot login to please contact the Contact Center (1-800-518-4726/ is currently experiencing an issue pulling the nightly data extract from CCR. If you have verified your CCR registration is active and you call the Contact Center please have the following information available so that can manually enter your information into the system to activate your username and password.

  • DUNS, DUNS plus 4, legal business name, government business primary POC email address, M-PIN, registration date with CCR, applicant name, phone number and email address. will create a customer service ticket for your call and notify you once your username and password are active.

March 5, 2009   NOTICE: System-to-System Endpoint Access Limitation

The system is currently experiencing strain due to frequent user access. System-to-System users are asked to limit their entry into the system for querying opportunities, checking application submission status and application submission or posting to NO MORE THAN ONCE PER HOUR to reduce the load on the LDAP server.

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