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*IMPORTANT NOTICE: All applicants please read immediately applicant System-to-System provides applicants (with a high volume of application submissions) a web services interface for automated submission of completed grant applications and related services. The system allows applicants who submit grant applications frequently, to save time and resources by eliminating the need to reenter repetitious data into multiple individual application forms and therefore streamlines the application submission process. The system is designed for secure e-business transaction processing and provides a platform independent messaging service that follows the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) with attachments specification.

NOTICE: Applicant System-to-System Endpoint Access Limitation

The system is currently experiencing strain due to frequent user access. Applicant System-to-System users are asked to limit their entry into the system for querying opportunities and checking application submission status to NO MORE THAN ONCE PER HOUR to reduce the load on the LDAP server.

Testing of any sort (i.e. application package submission) within the live Production environment is strictly prohibited. All S2S privileges will be revoked for any certificate associated with a test application package in the Production environment. All testing for must be completed in AT07.

Note: The Applicant System-to-System 2006 Endpoint has been terminated. Applicant System-to-System users are to access the system using the 2007 Applicant System-to-System Endpoint:

Applicant System-to-System Interface provides:

  • Platform Independent Messaging Service
  • Security (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and mutual authentication)
  • Opportunity Schemas and Instructions
  • Automated Grant Application Submission
  • Validation (XML vs. Schema Check)
  • Applicant Status Tracking

*Please Note: does NOT provide certificates necessary to communicate with the system, software to populate the grant application XML, agency specific validation or web services to directly communicate with backend agencies.

NOTICE: Special Characters not Supported will only accept ASCII characters in XML, while other characters may be supported by the schema, they may cause differences in the resulting hash value generated when the application is processed by resulting in a FATAL error in the submission.

Applicant S2S Enhancements System Build 2008-03

Learn about the new functionality and system enhancements effective February 8, 2009Adobe PDF

Release Notes

View the Latest Release Notes on the Adobe System, Effective January 30, 2009Adobe PDF

Reference Implementation (Web Services)

Reference Implementation Zip Files


Web Services Available to Your Organization:

GetOpportunityList - Web Service to query for grant opportunities that are available on for electronic submission. Use CaseAdobe PDF Document Schema

SubmitApplication - Web Service to submit application packages to for the DUNS number(s) associated with the client's digital certificate. Use CaseAdobe PDF Document Schema

GetApplicationList - Web Service to obtain a list of the Grant Applications that have been received by for the DUNS number(s) associated with the client's digital certificate. Use CaseAdobe PDF Document Schema

GetApplicationStatusDetail - Web Service to retrieve a detailed status for a specific application that has been received by for the DUNS number(s) associated with the client's digital certificate. Use CaseAdobe PDF Document Schema

Applicant Web Services IntegrationAdobe PDF Document

Covers both the business and technical requirements of the application system-to-system approach. System IntegrationAdobe PDF Document

Provides a description of the services, parameters, schemas, and protocols of the System-to-System interface used by agencies and applicants to exchange data with the system.

Applicant Web Services Security Adobe PDF Document

Provides in-depth information on's use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and mutual authentication for managing the security of a message transmission over the internet.

Attention! The PureEdge Viewer is restricted to Applicant S2S users only. If you download this application viewer and use it to submit applications your submission will be rejected.

Download PureEdge Viewer

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