NLM History of Medicine Division Releases New Finding Aids Search Platform

The Archives and Modern Manuscripts Program at the History of Medicine Division, National Library of Medicine is pleased to announce the release of a new finding aids search and delivery platform based on the University of Michigan's DLXS software.

For the first time users can search and browse the content of our 190+ existing EAD encoded collection guides. Our plans are to soon add 300+ EADs describing all our manuscript holdings, many of which were never described before beyond their catalog records.

Users can perform Basic and Advanced Boolean searches limited by:

These search features are available both across the entire set of finding aids and within each individual guide. Additional features include a Save to Bookbag option with an Email function.

Users should note that some of these features are dependent on your session cache, which by federal government privacy rules are emptied once you exit the application.

Look for more DLXS content beyond EAD in the near future!

For more information, please contact John P. Rees, Curator, Archives and Modern Manuscripts Program, at


Last updated: 06 November 2008
First published: 06 November 2008
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