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Question: How do I find information about my disease or condition?


  • To find information about a disease or condition, click on "Health Topics" on the MedlinePlus home page. You can also find a link to "Health Topics" on the top of the other MedlinePlus pages.

  • From the "Health Topics" page, there are several ways that you can find your disease or condition:

    • An alphabetical list of topics

      • Click on the first letter of the disease/condition, and then find it on the alphabetical list

    • Topics listed by groups:

      • By body location/system, such as Eyes and Vision
      • By type of therapy, such as Surgery and Rehabilitation
      • By population, such as Seniors' Health
      • By health and wellness issues, such as Safety

    • A list of Frequently Requested topics, which provides quick access to the most-used topics.

    • You can also type your disease or condition into the search box, which is at the top of every page.

      • If you have questions on searching, see our Search Help page.

  • MedlinePlus is not intended to provide medical advice, but to provide you with access to selected information to better understand your health, disease, or medical condition. Always consult with your health care provider.

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