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Research Translation Cores Network

Superfund Basic Research Program

This page provides resources and other materials for the SBRP Research Translation Cores (RTCs).

Presentations from the 2007 SBRP Annual Meeting: 20 Years of Success and a Vision for the Future

  • Presentation by Amy D. Kyle on December 4th "How Science Informs Decision Making"

NIEHS Materials

  • Letter from Dr. Bill Suk ( brp/1/resources/suk_letter.pdf)  Download Adobe Reader(430 KB) (April, 2007)
  • 2006 Research Translation Core Project Descriptions ( brp/1/resources/2006_research_translation_cor e_project_descriptions_(2).pdf)  Download Adobe Reader(64 KB)
  • RTC Contact List ( brp/1/resources/rtc_contact_list_9_6.pdf)  Download Adobe Reader(47 KB)
  • To send an email to all members of the RTC Contact List, send it to:
  • Or, post a message on the SBRP Discussion Board ( ode=sbrp) Exit NIEHS Website. A category has been set up for Research Translation Cores Network.

EPA Materials

ATSDR Resources

RTC Web Seminars

July 28, 2007 Conference Call

September 13, 2006 Conference Call

  • Minutes 09/13 ( brp/1/resources/minutes_09_13.pdf)  Download Adobe Reader(35 KB)
  • Annual Meeting Planning Diagram ( brp/1/resources/meetingplanning.pdf)  Download Adobe Reader(18 KB)
  • Conference Topic Matrix ( brp/1/resources/sbrp-annualmeeting-sbrpinput- 060911.pdf)  Download Adobe Reader(110 KB)
  • Minutes 09/07 ( brp/1/resources/minutes_09_07.pdf)  Download Adobe Reader(37 KB)

August 28, 2006 Conference Call

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