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Industrial & Institutional Laundry Partnership

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Each year, laundry detergent formulators use billions of pounds of chemicals, many of which are toxic to aquatic organisms. Almost all of these chemicals are released into the environment in wastewater.

The DfE Industrial and Institutional Laundry Partnership is now a part of DfE's Formulator Program.

The DfE Industrial and Institutional Laundry Partnership works with detergent and other laundry product formulators to design products with improved environmental and human health characteristics.

The redesign of detergents and other laundry products offers important opportunities to:

Partnering with DfE can help formulators learn more about the effects their ingredients might have on the quality of aquatic life, biodegradability of effluents, and worker health and safety. The Ingredient Fact Sheet highlights positive environmental attributes and key characteristics of concern for each detergent component. Formulators interested in partnersing with DfE should follow DfE's Steps to Partnership and review DfE's Considerations for Partnership.

DfE partners enjoy recognition for improved laundry formulations, including the use of the DfE logo on partnership products. As industry trendsetters, DfE partners know that doing the right thing for the environment is the right thing to do for business as well.

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