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Our Vision: Rights. Respect. Responsibility.

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    Monday, 20 April 2009

    By James Wagoner, President

    Vision is more than rhetoric. It is a set of core values that animate and direct an organization’s external efforts while defining and inspiring its internal culture.

    Advocates’ Rights. Respect. Responsibility.® vision has transformed our work over the last ten years. Young people are now at the very center of our programs and policies rather than being cast as mere “end users” of our services. A steadfast organizational commitment to evidence-based public health has been expanded to include a human rights framework for sexual and reproductive health. The concept of responsible sexuality has moved beyond the management of risk factors and disease to include a positive, healthy, and holistic integration of young people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

    A strong vision can also act as a north star when navigating dark and turbulent seas. Faced with an adversarial policy environment, Advocates did not mute its voice or shy away from controversy. It will stay the course because the destination is clear, although (while there is hope) still in the distance. What’s the destination? 

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