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This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page is designed to respond to basic questions we receive and also enhance your access to additional and substantial information found at other Web sites. If you require more specific CIOC information, please visit our internal search engine.

How do I obtain and use a password and login ID to gain access to Members only section?
Access to certain areas of the website is limited to CIOs and Deputy CIOs of cabinet level agencies.

What types of documents are in these secured areas?
This area of is primarily for documents significant to the CIO Council such as documents under review by Council members. The majority of all documents reside in the public area of the site, however.

Does your Web site have a job listing?
The CIOC Web site has no Job Announcement Listing. Try the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) -USAJOBS at or the FirstGov Web site at [Online Services for Citizens – select “Find a Government Job.”

I would like to apply for a Federal Government position, is there an online application?
OPM has a secure on-line application. The best way to access the document is through USAJOBS at:

How do I find out what the learning objectives of the CIO University are?
Visit the CIO University Web site at:

I recently attended an OMB A-11 training session, how do I get more information and questions answered?
Go to the OMB Web site at: - select Information for Agencies /Circulars.

Where can I find the ROI [Return on Investment Document]?
This investment document, published by the CIOC in 1999, can be found at:

Where can I find the “Best IT Practices in the Federal Government” document – a joint project by the CIOC and the Industry Advisory Council, published in October 1997, and was a follow-up study conducted?
The basic document is located on the CIOC Web site at:
The follow-up report “Implementing Best Practices,” was published in 1998 and is located at:

How do I get a Government loan to startup a business?
You will find a wealth of information at the Small Business Administration (SBA) Web site: - Go to: Starting Your Business.

We are a private or non-profit business. Can we can post an event on the Calendar or listserv?
As a standard policy, we reserve the Calendar and listserv for information and events sponsored by the CIOC.

Where do I send a contract proposal solicitation for an IT Project Plan?
Go to the FirstGov Web site at: Go to: Online Services for Business,
select Business Opportunities –[links to FedBiz Opps].

Where can I find information on the E-Gov initiatives?
Go to the E-Gov strategies Home Page at:
Also check OMB E-Gov data at:
Go to the E-Gov Web site at
Select the related links under OMB E-Gov Initiatives.

Where can I find the Information Week Report on “The Federal Government’s Businesslike Approach to IT?”

It can be found at:

Can you provide information on computer careers and respective salaries?
For general information on information technology careers go to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Web site at: -- for the IT salary rates go to:
In addition, we refer you to special CIOC reports on the Federal IT Workforce:

What is enterprise architecture all about?
The CIOC published “A Practical Guide to Federal Enterprise Architecture” in February 2001. It can be found at:

In addition to the NASCIO link on your Web site, where else can I find links to State and Local Government pages?
Try the Library of Congress Web site – State and Local Government listing at:
Also check FirstGov Web site -- State, Local, and Tribal resources at:

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