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IT Workforce
IT Workforce Documents
Purpose: The IT Workforce Committee is government's advocate for strategies to help develop and maintain an effective IT workforce. Its broad agenda encompasses the full employment life cycle: workforce planning, recruitment and retention and career development. As the Federal government continues to streamline IT resources, resulting in more enterprise-wide programs, it must also ensure that the IT workforce is well versed in such areas as IT project management and trained to execute projects with minimum risk. The Committee members, representing nearly every federal Department and agency, work in partnership with the HR community to develop, implement and communicate strategies to recruit, retain and manage a fully trained and qualified IT workforce, to meet current and future mission requirements.
The IT Workforce Committee is committed to its strategic goal: The Federal Government has a cadre of highly capable IT professionals with mission critical competencies to meet agency goals.
IT Workforce Capability Assessment/Gap Analysis
• IT Workforce Series Identification (GS-2210)
IT Training Guidance
Federal IT Summit
CIO University
IT Roadmap Career Planning Tool
Clinger Cohen Core Competencies
IT Quarterly Forum
IT Exchange Program
IT Project Management Training Directory
Scholarship for Service
Student Outreach
Standing Committee Partners (or Subcommittees):
Objective: Improve IT workforce identification, assessment and reporting capabilities in order to support agency requirements and overall Federal IT workforce trends.
• IT Workforce Capability Assessment (Dagne Fulcher, OPM)
• 2210 Revisited (Dagne Fulcher, OPM; Ned Kieloch, DOD)
• IT Training Program Guidance (Dagne Fulcher, OPM)
Objective: Ensure that robust Federal IT professional development programs are anchored by continuous review of emerging training requirements; oversight of available training resources; adherence to competency-based IT training curricula; and establishment of training performance standards.
• Federal IT Summit (Monica Fitzgerald, GSA)
• CIOU (Monica Fitzgerald, GSA)
• IT Roadmap (Sandy Smith, NAVY)
• Clinger Cohen Core Competencies (Monica Fitzgerald, GSA; Ned Kieloch, DOD)
• IT Quarterly Forum (Monica Fitzgerald, GSA)
• IT Exchange Program (Hakeem Basheerud-Deen, OPM)
Objective: Identify opportunities to strengthen and leverage IT project management skills in the Federal Government.
• Project Management Training Directory (Monica Fitzgerald, GSA)
• Liaison to Chief Acquisition Officer PM Certification Initiative (Monica Fitzgerald, GSA; Joyce France, DOD)
Objective: Develop and implement competitive compensation, benefits, workforce flexibilities, and programs that attract and retain top-level IT talent within the Federal Government.
• Recruitment Video (Monica Fitzgerald, GSA)
• SFS (Diana Burley, NSF; Brenda Oldfield, DHS)
• Student Outreach (Ned Kieloch, DOD)
Standing Meetings: The ITW meets monthly the first Thursday of each month, from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. Anyone wishing to attend one of our regularly scheduled meetings should contact Monica Fitzgerald, phone: 202-219-0723, or e-mail:

  Ms. Janet Barnes
  Chief Information Officer
  Office of Personnel Management
 1900 E Street, NW
Room 5415
 Washington, DC 20415
  Office Phone: 202-606-2150
  Fax: 202-418-3251
  Ms. Christine H. Rider
  Chief Information Officer
  Small Business Administration
 409 3rd Street, SW
Suite 4000
 Washington, DC
  Office Phone: 202-205-6708
  Fax: 202-205-7064
  Ms. JaNeese D. Duarte
  Executive Secretary
  Department of Agriculture
 1400 Independence Ave, SW
SW Room 448-A
 Washington, DC 20250-7600
  Office Phone: 202-720-0752
  Fax: 202-205-2831
  Ms. Monica Fitzgerald
  Program Analyst
  General Services Administration
 1800 F Street, NW
Room 2218
 Washington, DC 20405
  Office Phone: 202-219-0723
  Fax: 202-501-6269

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