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The Most Intense Hurricanes in the United States 1851-2004

The following table is derived from NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS TPC-1:


Eric S. Blake, Jerry D. Jarrell(retired), Max Mayfield, and Edward N. Rappaport
NOAA/NWS/ Tropical Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center
Miami, Florida

Christopher W. Landsea
NOAA/AOML/Hurricane Research Division
Miami, Florida

Click here to read the full report.

Table 4: The most intense mainland United States hurricanes, 1851-2004 (includes only major hurricanes at their most intense landfall). Addendum for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.
Rank Hurricane Year Category
(at landfall)
Pressure (mb)
Pressure (in)
1 Unnamed (FL Keys) 1935589226.35
2 Camille (MS, SE LA, VA) 1969590926.84
3 Andrew (SE FL, SE LA) 1992592227.23
4 TX (Indianola) 1886492527.31
5 Unnamed (FL Keys, S TX) 1919492727.37
6 Unnamed (Lake Okeechobee FL) 1928492927.43
7 Donna (FL, Eastern U.S.) 1960493027.46
8 Unnamed (New Orleans LA) 1915493127.49
8 Carla (N & Cent. TX) 1961493127.49
10 LA (Last Island) 1856493427.58
10Hugo (SC) 1989493427.58
12Unnamed (Miami FL, MS, AL, Pensacola FL) 1926493527.61
13 Unnamed (Galveston TX) 1900493627.64
14Unnamed GA/FL (Brunswick, GA) 1898493827.70
14Hazel (SC, NC) 1954493827.70
16Unnamed (SE FL, SE LA, MS) 1947494027.76
17Unnamed (N TX) 1932494127.79
17Charley (Eastern U.S.) 2004494127.79
19Gloria (Eastern U.S.) 19853a94227.82
19Opal (NW FL, AL) 19953a94227.82
21Unnamed (Central FL) 1888394527.91
21Unnamed (E NC) 1899394527.91
21Audrey (SW LA, N TX) 19574b94527.91
21Unnamed (Galveston TX) 19154b94527.91
21Celia (S TX) 1970394527.91
21Allen (S TX) 1980394527.91
27Unnamed (New England) 1938394627.94
27Frederic (AL, MS) 1979394627.94
27Ivan (AL, NW FL) 2004394627.94
30Unnamed (NE U.S.) 1944394727.97
30Unnamed (SC, NC) 1906394727.97
32Unnamed (LA Chenier Caminanda) 1893394827.99
32Betsy (SE FL, SE LA) 1965394827.99
32Unnamed (SE FL, NW FL) 1929394827.99
32Unnamed (SE FL) 1933394827.99
32Unnamed (S TX) 1916394827.99
32Unnamed (MS, AL) 1916394827.99
38Unnamed (NW FL) 1882394928.02
38Diana (NC) 19843c94928.02
38Unnamed (S TX) 1933394928.02
41Unnamed (GA/SC) 1854395028.05
41Unnamed (LA/MS) 1855395028.05
41Unnamed (LA/MS/AL) 1860395028.05
41Unnamed (LA) 1879395028.05
41Beulah (S TX) 1967395028.05
41Hilda (Central LA) 1964395028.05
41Gracie (SC) 1959395028.05
41Unnamed (Central TX) 1942395028.05
41Jeanne (FL) 2004395028.05
50Unnamed (SE FL) 1945395128.08
50Bret (S TX) 1999395128.08
52Unnamed (Grand Isle LA) 1909395228.11
52Unnamed (Tampa Bay FL) 1921395228.11
52Carmen (Central LA) 1974395228.11
54Unnamed (SC/NC) 1885395328.14
54Unnamed (S FL) 1906395328.14
56Unnamed (GA/SC) 1893395428.17
56Edna (New England) 1954395428.17
56Unnamed (SE FL) 1949395428.17
56Fran (NC) 1996395428.17
60Unnamed (SE FL) 1871395528.20
60Unnamed (LA/TX) 1886395528.20
60Unnamed (SC/NC) 1893395528.20
60Unnamed (NW FL) 1894395528.20
60Eloise (NW FL) 1975395528.20
60King (SE FL) 1950395528.20
60Unnamed (Central LA) 1926395528.20
60Unnamed (SW LA) 1918395528.20
Addendum (Rank is independent of other events in group)
4 David (S of PR) 1979492427.29
8 Unnamed (San Felipe PR) 1928493127.49
16Hugo (USVI, PR) 1989494027.76
41Iniki (Kaua'i HI) 1992Unknown95027.91
60Dot (Kaua'i HI) 1959Unknown95528.11


a Highest category justified by winds
b Classified Cat. 4 because of estimated winds
c Cape Fear, North Carolina, area only; was a Category 2 at final landfall

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