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1 Medicare premiums and coinsurance rates for 2009
2 Medicare Part B monthly premiums in 2009
3 I live in an area that was declared an “emergency area” by the Federal government - Need to see a Doctor
4 I live in an area that was declared an “emergency area” by the Federal government - Rx Drugs
5 What is MyPHRSC?
6 Updated - How will my retail pharmacy discount work with with my Medicare drug coverage?
7 Updated - Creditable vs. Non-creditable Employer Retiree Drug Coverage
8 Updated - What options do I have for paying my Medicare drug plan premiums?
9 Updated - I am eligible for the “extra help” with prescription drug costs or limited-income subsidy, but my plan is billing me for a premium. What should I do?
10 What if my monthly Social Security benefit isn’t enough to cover multiple premiums at one time?
11 Switching to a different Medicare drug plan/Affect on automatic premium deduction
12 Updated - Where should I call if I have other questions about options for paying my Medicare drug plan premiums, or about withholding premiums from my Social Security payment?
13 How long will it take for the automatic deduction to start?
14 Updated - How do I pay my premiums until the automatic deduction starts?
15 Updated - Can I change my mind about the method I use to pay my premiums?
16 Updated - Can it take longer than a couple of months for the deduction to start?
17 If I qualify for extra help, will my drug plan premium always be $0?
18 I have prescription drug coverage from my former employer. Will I be able to keep it or will Medicare prescription drug coverage replace it?
19 Is there someone to help me choose a Medicare prescription drug plan?
20 What does the term “extra help” mean when you are talking about Medicare prescription drug coverage?
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