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Why? The Reasons Behind TSA Security

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TSA and the Ad Council have launched a national public awareness and education campaign designed to build awareness about checkpoint security procedures so passengers will be better prepared for airport travel. The campaign builds upon TSA's commitment to communicate why certain procedures and requirements are part of airport security. The goal is to improve security by compelling airline passengers to be better prepared for the security processes, thereby resulting in less frustration and a safer and more positive experience.
The public awareness effort will help passengers understand the important role they play in airport security and provide resources to learn more.

Why? The Reasons Behind TSA Security

With more than 700 million travelers passing through airport security checkpoints yearly, TSA recently began introducing changes to passenger screening at the checkpoints to improve security and enhance passenger experience and enrich the work experience for Transportation Security Officers. These changes include: calming the checkpoint environment to improve security, deployment of enhanced technology and improved checkpoint signage at airports to help passengers learn the "why" behind what the TSA does and self-selected lanes for passengers. Because of these changes it is has become increasingly important to get the public to focus on what they need to do to get through the security checkpoints before they travel.

Three security procedures that raise questions for many passengers are:

Click on the videos below to get answers to these questions. When you understand the "why" of security, you'll have an easier time getting through the checkpoint.

For more information on security procedures, travel tips, and helpful videos, please go to the Travelers Page.

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