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Mid-level Leadership Development Program (MLDP)

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Overview of MLDP

The Mid-level Leadership Development Program (MLDP) is the agency’s leadership development initiative aimed at building the next generation of mid-level leaders within TSA. The purpose of this program is to develop the leadership skills of TSA’s mid-level leaders by including challenging training, shadowing, and mentoring and coaching opportunities to prepare participants for target mid-level management positions. While the MLDP is an important source of applicants for TSA mid-level leadership positions, successful completion of the program does not guarantee selection for such a position. Participants will compete with other applicants for any announced vacancies.

The MLDP is implemented on a recurring basis following a two year cycle. The number of participants selected for each iteration of the program will vary depending on the number of projected vacancies in the targeted mid-level management positions.

MLDP Goals

  1. Provide upward mobility for TSA employees.
  2. Provide leadership competencies needed for success in mid-level management positions at TSA.
  3. Increase the diversity of TSA’s leadership bench.
  4. Maximize retention of TSA’s leadership talent.

MLDP Feeder Pools and Target Positions

In general, the MLDP target positions represent mid-level management in TSA’s core functional areas. The feeder pools for participants of the MLDP will include positions one or more levels below the target positions for the program. Program participant feeder pools and target positions include:

Program Participant Feeder Pools (MLDP Candidate’s Current Position):

Target Positions:

Program Structure

As part of the agency’s succession planning efforts, the Mid-level Leadership Development Program (MLDP) is intended to complement the Senior Leadership Development (SLD) Programs and is managed from a National Program Office (NPO) within the Office of Human Capital (OHC). Regional Coordinators are responsible for managing the program in their area or region. Program Managers are responsible for assisting participants in the development and execution of their individual development plans.

The following organization chart visually represents the various stakeholders of the MLDP:

MLDP Program Structure

MLDP 2009 Application Process

The application period for MLDP 2009 will be May 18 to June 1, 2009. The vacancy announcement will be posted on

TSA employees interested in participating in MLDP 2009 will compete in a rigorous and competitive application, interview, and selection process. The application process is designed to identify high performing employees who also have high potential for more advanced leadership roles. General eligibility requirements include:

MLDP Criteria Description
Employment Status A candidate must be a Permanent Full Time Employee.
Length of Service with TSA A candidate must have at least one year of service with TSA.
Supervisory Experience

A candidate must have completed a minimum of one year of supervisory experience within or outside of the federal government. This requirement does not apply to OLE/FAMS.

Supervisory experience is defined as having supervising one or more employees, conducting performance appraisals, and having the authority to certify personnel leave.

Acceptable Performance Review A candidate must have received a minimum of a passing, acceptable, evaluation on record.
Review Official Personnel File A candidate’s personnel file may not contain adverse personnel actions within the past two years.
Signed Continuing Service Agreement A candidate must sign a continuing service agreement committing to stay with DHS for a minimum of two years after the completion of their development.
Experience at G band, H band, I band

All MLDP candidates need to currently be a field employee or OLE/FAMS employee at the G-band, H-Band, I-Band at TSA.


A candidate must provide a completed endorsement from their direct supervisor or another TSA supervisor at the J band or above. This endorsement should address required competencies, including specific behaviors observed.

Resume A candidate must complete a biographical inventory as described in application materials.
Structured Interview A candidate is required to complete a telephonic interview that will be conducted by a three member panel to include a subject matter expert, a manager and a “trusted neutral” person.

MLDP Timeline


For any questions regarding MLDP, e-mail the MLDP National Program Manager at

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