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Knife, Box Cutter found in Wheelchair and Baby Carrier

Terminal Madness

December 20, 2007

Certain security processes at airport checkpoints may seem strange, or even unnecessary, to some passengers going through the checkpoint. For example, many wonder why we screen disabled passengers separately from their wheelchairs, or why parents can't just bring their sleeping infant through the metal detector in a stroller or infant carrier. Families with small children, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly don't appear to be security threats, but to keep all passengers safe, security officers can't afford to take any chances.

photo of 9 inch knife and ruler
             Actual knife found in baby carrier.

Just this week, three incidents demonstrate how threats are found in the most innocent places:

Good security requires treating all people the same, regardless of age, ethnicity or physical condition. TSA's officers do not know each passenger personally, and their training and experience have shown that prohibited items can turn up anywhere.