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Firearms at the Checkpoint

Terminal Madness

Between August 3 and 5, Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) found 12 firearms at checkpoints around the U.S., including:

This is not out of the ordinary. Transportation Security Officers find firearms in carry-on bags virtually every day. In 2006, some 820 firearms were intercepted at U.S. checkpoints.

What do people say when faced with the fact that there's a gun in their bag? "I forgot it was there" is the story most often heard by TSOs and law enforcement officers. A few even blame someone else: "My wife/husband must have left it in my bag."

Whether or not the gun was put in the bag intentionally, TSOs are required to contact law enforcement immediately. In addition to potentially missing their flight, passengers could have their gun confiscated and/or face criminal charges. A fine from TSA is also possible.

TSA Travel Tip: Look through your bag before going to the airport to make sure you do not have a gun or other prohibited item. For a list of TSA's Prohibited Items, click here.