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Trucking Security Program FY 2009

Grants Programs FY 2009

The TSP is one of five grant programs that constitute the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 focus on infrastructure protection activities, which are designed to strengthen the nation's critical infrastructure against risks associated with terrorism.

DHS works collaboratively with our security partners to implement grant programs that reduce risks to our nation’s transportation systems. Here’s how.

The focus of the FY 2009 TSP is the adoption and implementation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Voluntary Program of Recommended Security Action Items to enhance the shipment of Highway Security-Sensitive Materials (HSSM) (Part VIII). These HSSM have the potential to cause significant fatalities and injuries or significant economic damage when released or detonated during a transportation security incident. TSP funding will be primarily focused on the purchase and installation or enhancement of equipment and systems related to tractor and trailer tracking systems. Under the FY 2009 TSP, $7,000,000 will support the adoption and implementation of security initiatives such as tractor and trailer tracking systems, panic button capability, tractor activation capability, and communications plans. The remaining $772,000 will support the development of security plans and monitoring and analysis systems and centers.

Click here for the FY 2009 Trucking Security Program Fact Sheet (PDF, KB)

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