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BDO Thanks TSA Buffalo for Support During Deployment

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March 3, 2009

David DiTullio (left) with Federal Security Director Derek (Rick) DiPietro.

Expert Behavior Detection Officer David DiTullio recently thanked his TSA co-workers and leadership at Buffalo Niagara (N.Y.) International Airport for their support while he was deployed with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

DiTullio, a staff sergeant, was stationed in southern Afghanistan’s province of Kandahar where he led a 13-person police mentor team as part of a larger counter-insurgency mission earning the trust of local people and their governments.

As part of that mission, DiTullio attended numerous shurais (a gathering of local village elders) to discuss their needs, concerns and security. This information was used to help the local population with medical and dental care, humanitarian aid, and veterinary care. The trust he earned also allowed him to gain critical intelligence that was used to help track down Taliban strongholds, weapons caches, and illegal-drug trafficking.

During the Buffalo recognition ceremony, DiTullio presented FSD DiPietro with a U.S. flag that recently flew over U.S. Firebase Maholic in Kandahar. DiTullio spoke about the pride he feels for the opportunity to serve with both his TSA co-workers and fellow soldiers. At TSA and in the military, he said his goal is to work with team members to eliminate significant threats.