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TSO Novelist Inspired by Colleagues

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TSO Novelist Inspired by Colleagues

By Carrie Harmon, Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Photo of Novel “Take in a Stranger” (2002).
Photo courtesy of Kay George

TSO Kay George not only enjoys her part-time job at Wichita (Kan.) Mid-Continent Airport, but credits her colleagues with rekindling her writing career.

George self-published her first novel, “take in a Stranger,” in 2002. When she joined TSA a year ago, she had finished a second novel but had not looked for a publisher.

“Several of my colleagues read my first book and then asked to read the manuscript of the second,” she said. “Their reaction was overwhelmingly positive, which has inspired me to try to find an agent and to start work on a third book.”

Before joining TSA, George worked for an insurance company and wrote on weekends. Today, she works three days a week at TSA and focuses on writing on days off. While Kay describes her first book and completed manuscript as “drama,” her new work has gone in a new direction: science fiction.

TSO Shelley McClure said “’take in a Stranger’ was outstanding. I couldn’t put it down. She makes you feel like you’re right there in the story.”

“I not only feel like I’m doing important work here at TSA, but working with such great people has inspired me to write again,” George said. “It makes me feel really good to know there are people waiting to see what I come up with next.”