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Founded in 1994, Shape Up America! is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue and to providing responsible information on healthy weight management.

The Fitness Center

Welcome to the Shape Up America! Fitness Center.

Being active means different things to different people. We developed the Fitness Center to appeal to you no matter what level of physical activity you currently enjoy (even if the answer is none!). Let us show you how to develop an activity program that's right for you.

IMPORTANT: This website is not intended to be a substitute for consultation with your personal physician and/or health care provider. Before you engage in any program of physical activity, please consult your physician.

Assessment: Find handy tools for assessing your readiness to fit physical activity into your life and for rating your activity and fitness levels.

Nutrition: Learn what to eat and what to take to maximize your workout.

Information: Learn about the benefits of becoming more active, take the Physical Activity IQ Test, and locate definitions for physical activity buzzwords.

Barriers: Overcome barriers to fitness with this guide.

Improvement: Find out about the different ways to approach adding physical activity to your life and chart your progress.

FAQ: Check our FAQ section for basic information about the Fitness Center and physical activity.