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Learn About Overweight and Obesity


The Basics

What are Overweight and Obesity?
Overweight is a term used to describe someone who is too heavy for his or her height. Obesity means having a high amount of body fat. About two-thirds (over 60%) of Americans are overweight or obese.

How do I Know if I am Overweight?
Finding out your body mass index (BMI) is the best way to learn if you are overweight or obese. Enter your height and weight into this BMI calculator to find out your BMI number and what it means for you.

What Causes Someone to be Overweight or Obese?
Most people become overweight or obese by eating foods high in calories, sugar, and fat and not getting enough physical activity. Genetics and biology can sometimes cause obesity.

If you or a loved one is planning to lose weight, here are some questions to ask your doctor:

  • What is a healthy weight for me?
  • How does my weight affect my health?
  • Am I overweight because I have a medical problem?
  • What are healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off?

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