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Code of Federal Regulations

CFR 20 Title Page


Table of Contents

Subpart A—General
401.5 Purpose of the regulations.
401.10 Applicability.
401.15 Limitations on scope.
401.20 Scope.
401.25 Terms defined.
Subpart B—The Privacy Act
401.30 Privacy Act and other responsibilities.
401.35 Your right to request records.
401.40 How to get your own records.
401.45 Verifying your identity.
401.50 Granting notification of or access to a record.
401.55 Access to medical records.
401.60 Access to or notification of program records about more than one individual.
401.65 How to correct your record.
401.70 Appeals of refusals to correct records or refusals to allow access to records.
401.75 Rights of parents or legal guardians.
401.80 Accounting for disclosures.
401.85 Exempt systems.
401.90 Contractors.
401.95 Fees.
Subpart C—Disclosure of Official Records and Information
401.100 Disclosure of records with the written consent of the subject of the record.
401.105 Disclosure of personal information without the consent of the subject of the record.
401.110 Disclosure of personal information in nonprogram records without the consent of the subject of the record.
401.115 Disclosure of personal information in program records without the consent of the subject of the record.
401.120 Disclosures required by law.
401.125 Disclosures prohibited by law.
401.130 Freedom of Information Act.
401.135 Other laws.
401.140 General principles.
401.145 Safeguards against unauthorized redisclosure or use.
401.150 Compatible purposes.
401.155 Law enforcement purposes.
401.160 Health or safety.
401.165 Statistical and research activities.
401.170 Congress.
401.175 Government Accountability Office.
401.180 Disclosure under court order or other legal process.
401.185 Other specific recipients.
401.190 Deceased persons.
401.195 Situations not specified in this part.
401.200 Blood donor locator service.
Appendix A to Part 401—Employee Standards of Conduct

AUTHORITY: Secs. 205, 702(a)(5), 1106, and 1141 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 405, 902(a)(5), 1306, and 1320b-11); 5 U.S.C. 552 and 552a; 8 U.S.C. 1360; 26 U.S.C. 6103; 30 U.S.C. 923.

SOURCE: 62 FR 4143, Jan. 29, 1997, unless otherwise noted.

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