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The Human Growth Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit organization whose mission is to help children, and adults with disorders of growth and growth hormone through research, education, support, and advocacy.  The Foundation is dedicated to helping medical science to better understand the process of growth.  It is composed of concerned parents and friends of children, and adults, with growth problems; physicians; and, other interested health professionals.


The HGF Website contains information pertaining to disorders of growth, growth hormone, and related endocrine or metabolic issues. We hope to update this part of the website at least monthly.  Visit us often for knowledge and experiences in the area of human growth and development.  If you wish more information concerning these subjects, please join HGF and the HGF Discussion Forums: HGF-PEDS for parents. and HGF-ADULTS for adults. Submissions, comments, or questions for consideration in publishing on this website are welcome. Please contact the Webmaster.


New Study for Young Turner Syndrome Women: ESTROGEN DOSING FOR TURNER SYNDROME: PHARMACOLOGY AND METABOLISM. Click here for direct access to Trials and Studies.


Based on Website usage data, HGF knows that there are many persons from different countries, who speak many different languages; and, who need or seek information and support for disorders of growth, growth hormone, and related endocrine conditions. HGF has commenced an outreach initiative to identify those persons, world-wide. Through this initiative, HGF hopes to offer personal support and medical information for those persons to share and discuss with their physicians. The medical information improves medical vocabulary and understanding of the principles of medicine involved in the growth hormone area. This approach enhances patient-physician communications, which results in the best possible medical diagnosis and treatment.

The HGF Website has the capability to be translated into 15 different languages represented by the row of flag icons immediately below the horizontal navigation bar that contain the "buttons" you click to access various pages of the HGF Website. This translation feature is available only from the Homepage, which can be accessed by clicking the "HOME" button from any page of the Website. American English is the default language. Clicking on any flag icon will translate the entire website into the selected language for viewing convenience.

Among the information and documents that you can access from the Website, are contact iinformation for (1) the HGF Executive Director or the Webmaster; (2) ways to participate in certain HGF activities online (internet and e-mail); and (3) how to join HGF online.


Once the contact information and services of HGF are made available through any of the 15 languages represented by the flag icons, HGF can engage in two-way language translation in 15 or more different langauges through e-mail, including both message text and attachments, with the use of specialized, contextually-oriented technical dictionaries to help ensure the accuracy of the translation. The service is provided directly through the Webmaster. Uses of this service include translation of e-mail messages concerning medical information and personal support including access to HGF's Pediatric and Adult Discussion Forums; and, translation of "Mini Primers," "Key Messages," and "Resource Papers" that are unique to HGF, and are available through membership in those Discussion Forums or in HGF.


HGF has upgraded the subject areas and content of medical information on the Website with a new set of pages under "Researchers Corner," a new page under the main page for AGHD entitled "Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Explained," and a series of pages under the main Medical Insurance Issues Page. The main pages for each of those areas is accessible from the "Resources" button on the navigation bar, or under "Resources" on the left panel of the Homepage.

It is not possible to explain all the information presented in the Researchers Corner, which is described below, because of time and space constraints. However, all persons with an interest in the subject matter will gain important knowledge. This information, however, is explained in as much detail as the requestor seeks on the HGF Pediatric and Adults Discussion Forums where the information is applied to the specific facts and needs of each member. Thirty (30) day free trial subscriptions can be requested through the "Activities" button on the navigation bar, or through the "Support for Children and Adults" hyperlink in the left panel of the Homepage.

Researchers Corner provides current, timely presented medical information on disorders of growth, growth hormone, and related endocrine issues. Researchers Corner is organized into pages for children's, adults' and general information. Each study, report, paper, or commentary (collectively "Work" or "Works"), and snippets or other part thereof, is sorted or ordered by subject matter. Presently, Reseachers Corner contains information published in 2007. It will be backfilled and updated to present a comprehensive collection of information concerning disorders of growth, growth hormone, and related endocrine issues for the layperson.

Patients Corner contains significant information from gleaned from patients and their physicians , concerning the current practice of endocrine and metabolic medicine as it relates to adults and parents of children with disorders of growth, growth hormone, and related endocrine issues. Patients Corner focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the individual patient.


A new page has been added to the main Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Page, which complements the existing page entitled "Signs and Symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. The new page can be access through the Resource button on the navigation bar, or under the "Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency" hyperlink on the left panel of the Homepage.

The medical insurance issues page has been expanded to include sections on (1) introduction, (2) insurance policies generally, (3) evaluation of insurance policies, (3) selection, (4) contracting for medical insurance coverage for growth hormone, and (5) claims and appeals. Most of this information is applicable only to the U.S.A.

Idiopathic Short Stature: The Medical Significance of this FDA Approved "Indication" for the Use of Growth Hormone in Children, previously reported on this HomePage has been moved to Commentary & Features subpage of the main News page.


The Clinical Studies and Trials page has been updated to emphasize links, rather than specific listings, to ensure access to the latest and current studies and trial. Specific listings will be posted to the page when requested by the study or trial sponsor.

All updates published January 11, 2008, except for Patients Corner published January 27, 2008 --by Webmaster, January 29, 2008.


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