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Privacy Resources for E-Verify and SAVE Programs

Mission Statement

The mission of the Verification Privacy Branch is to respect and uphold the privacy of individuals subject to immigration status verification.  To accomplish this, the Verification Privacy Branch will establish and implement privacy controls and processes that support the fair information practices, and will comply with all applicable privacy laws, regulation, policy and guidance.


Strategic Objectives

The key strategic objectives of the Verification Privacy Branch are the following:

  • Minimize the handling of personally identifiable information which is necessary for verification processing
  • Secure personal information using physical, technical and administrative safeguards against unauthorized use and disclosure
  • Promote fairness to the individual by ensuring access to and correction of their records


  Privacy Principles: E-Verify and SAVE

Responsibility and Accountability


All personnel, including federal employees and contractors, will be held accountable for handling personal information appropriately in accordance with their official duties.

Awareness and Training


All personnel, including federal employees and contractors, will be educated and trained regarding the proper treatment of personal information.


USCIS Verification Division, will make its privacy policy and practices available to individuals, and provide accurate descriptions of Division activities to promote public understanding of the organization.

Limiting Collection and Retention

The collection and retention of personal information will be limited to that which is necessary for specified purposes.


USCIS, Verification Division will provide individuals notice specifying the purpose, use, and disclosure for which personal information is collected at or before the time of collection.

Individual Access and Redress

USCIS, Verification Division will ensure individuals have access to their personal information on record, and will provide a complaint and redress process.

Limiting Disclosure and Use

Personal information will be disclosed only to authorized individuals with a need to know and only for uses that are consistent with specified purposes.

Data Integrity

USCIS, Verification Division will maintain the accuracy, completeness, and currency of personal information for its mission needs.


Personal information will be protected by administrative, technical, and physical safeguards commensurate with the sensitivity of the information.


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