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Getting Started

Getting started with E-Verify is simple. This section provides you with an overview of the program along with all the terminology and the common tasks and features you will need to begin.

What is E-Verify?

E-Verify is a free and simple to use Web-based system that electronically verifies the employment eligibility of newly hired employees.

E-Verify is a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) oversees the program.

E-Verify works by allowing participating employers to electronically compare employee information taken from the Form I-9 (the paper-based employee eligibility verification form used for all new hires) against more than 425 million records in SSA's database and more than 60 million records in DHS immigration databases. Results are returned in seconds.

How Do I Register?

Participation in E-Verify is currently voluntary and free to employers.

E-Verify is accessible through any Internet-capable computer with a  Web browser of Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 4.7 or higher (with the exception of Netscape 7.0).

To participate, an employer must register online and accept the electronic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that details the responsibilities of SSA, DHS, and the employer.

If your company wants to participate in E-Verify, as an E-Verify user, designated agent, or corporate administrator, or if your company is interested in the Web-service access method, select the "E-Verify Registration" link under "Related Links" on the right side of this page.

 Federal Contractors can find specific information under the relevant link below.

Last updated: 04/27/2009

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