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What's New on

This page will be updated periodically when performance related materials become available.

  1. 2008 Performance Report of the Federal Government

    2008 Performance Report of the Federal Government

    Within the report, each major federal agency summarizes its budget, financial, and performance results in two pages. While the Federal government is usually not comfortable with this sort of brevity, the goal is to make performance information more accessible to Congress and the public. This report is an important step toward that goal. Historically, agencies have produced 300-400 page plans and reports each year with hundreds of detailed performance measures that have limited readership.

  2. 2008 Performance Data

    Performance data actuals for 2008 for all performance data have been posted with each program assessment.

  3. Mirroring on another website

    ExpectMore Source Code

    If you are interested in mirroring this website on your own servers, we have posted the complete zipped html package of This site is in the public domain and may be mirrored on other sites. This will increase transparency and create an archive of the program assessment information.

  4. GAO High Risk List Issues Summary and Detail Reports

    In September 2008, summmary and details of how agencies are addressing GAO's High Risk issues list have been posted to Some of the detailed reports will be posted as they are completed.

  5. Links to Performance Related Agency Information

    Agency Performance Related Documents

    In addition to the links on each Agency page on, this list offers a comprehensive list of federal agencies performance related documents in one easy to find place. This list includes links to Agency Congressional Budget Justifications, Performance and Accounatbility Reports and Strategic Plans as well as their Agency summary page. It will be updated as more documents become available.

  6. PART Program Ratings and Funding Data Sheet

    Funding information for each PART program can be found here. This excel spreadsheet contains data on all program ratings, section scores, actual funding data for FY 2008 and FY 2009 and type of programs for all completed PARTs.

  7. Changes to navigation

    Last year to make navigation around smoother, we moved the detailed assessments link, "View Assessment Details," to the top of the program summary page to the left of the assessment title. This will make it clearer to find the detailed PART answers, questions and evidence for each assessment. We also enhanced our metadata for easier searches of the vast program performance data available on Over 1000 programs of the federal government representing over $2.6 trillion of government spending have been assessed.

  8. CSV File for Researchers and Academics

    This file is a CSV (comma space delimited) zip file of all data available on It can be imported into any database model or spreadsheet program and queries run against the data. Right click on the link and 'Save Target As' to save the zip file to your computer. This diagram shows the relationships between the data in the CSV file.

  9. Pamphlet

    The Council for Excellence in Government and the Office of Management and Budget have published an easy to understand pamphlet describing the PART process and how Congress can better utilize the information on

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