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Get Enough Folic Acid

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Take Action!

It’s easy to get the folic acid you need. Just eat a bowl of cereal with folic acid OR take a vitamin every day.

Check the Label
When you are at the grocery store, find foods with folic acid in them. Look for cereals that have 100% DV of folic acid. Check out this list of cereals for some examples.

Folic acid is also in fortified foods like enriched breads, pastas, and other grains. Check the label.

Make it Easy to Remember
If you take a vitamin, take it at the same time every day. Try taking it when you brush your teeth in the morning or with your breakfast. Leave the vitamin bottle on the kitchen or bathroom counter where you will see it.

Start Today: Small Steps
  • If you don’t take a multivitamin, write yourself a note to pick some up at the pharmacy.
  • Tell a friend how important it is to take folic acid, especially if she might become pregnant some day.
  • Send an e-card to encourage a friend or family member to eat healthy foods.

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