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Today's Headlines: May 08, 2009


Clinical Trials Update: May 8, 2009 – 5/8/2009

Bullying Seems to Affect Kids Years Later – 5/8/2009

Study finds psychotic symptoms in preteens who'd been tormented.

Racial Disparity Seen in Angioplasty Outcomes – 5/8/2009

Black patients more likely to experience complications, study finds.

After Job Loss, People Report More Health Issues – 5/8/2009

Society should consider ways to mitigate the effects, experts say.

Scientists Still Baffled About Origins of Swine Flu – 5/8/2009

CDC report shows 11 cases of similar strain since 2005.

Person-to-Person Transmission Now Common Route for Swine Flu in U.S. – 5/8/2009

Two U.S. deaths linked to flu also involved multiple chronic underlying problems, CDC says.

Fewer Heart Surgeries Needed as Technology Improves – 5/8/2009

Better prevention methods, medical advances likely behind drop in bypass procedures.

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