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USCIS Issues Information on H1N1 Flu Preparedness

All USCIS offices in the United States are open for business. Customers in the United States should plan to attend all previously scheduled appointments, interviews and ceremonies unless they are feeling ill. 

All USCIS offices in Mexico, except for emergency cases, are closed to the public.

If you are feeling ill, please contact the National Customer Service Center at 800-375-5283 and USCIS will reschedule your appointment, interview or ceremony.

If you are scheduled to appear for an interview at an asylum office, please contact the asylum office having jurisdiction over your case, as indicated on your interview notice:

Arlington Asylum Office           703-235-4100
Chicago Asylum Office            312-353-9607
Houston Asylum Office            281-774-4830
Los Angeles Asylum Office     714-808-8199
Miami Asylum Office                 305-960-8600
Newark Asylum Office             201-531-0555
New York Asylum Office         718-723-5954
San Francisco Asylum Office  415-293-1234

For additonal information on the H1N1 Flu, click on the following graphic, or in the related links section of this page.

Last updated:05/01/2009

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