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The EPA develops, implements and coordinates preparations for chemical and other emergencies. The Agency carries out this work in partnership with regions, domestic and international organizations in the public and private sectors, and the general public. The goal of the preparations is to be able to respond quickly and effectively to environmental crises and to keep the public informed about hazards in their community. The EPA approaches these preparations with an emphasis on flexibility and cooperation with its emergency partners at all levels.

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Accident Preparedness, Accident Prevention, Chemical Accidents, Radiation Accidents


Contingency Plans
National Contingency Plan (NCP), Oil Removal Contingency Plan, Spill Prevention

Water Security

Fire, Floods, Hurricanes, September 11 Response, Tornadoes, Volcanoes

Check! Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Response
Consequence Management, Countermeasures, Mobile Laboratories, National Response Team (NRT), On Scene Coordinators, Radiological Emergency Response Team, September 11 Response, Training

Oil Spills
Facility Response Plan

Lead Poisoning, Mercury Poisoning, Pesticides

Reporting Requirements, Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)

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